August 12, 2017

GMAT Test Day

It is very important that GMAT test takers are familiar with the important rules that must be observed at the GMAT test center. Otherwise, they could risk being disqualified from writing the test or having their score declared invalid. These basic rules should be remembered and followed on test day.

Personal Belongings

Any personal belongings brought to the testing center are not allowed to be brought into the testing room. This includes cell phones, backpacks, and purses. In addition, no food or drink can be brought into the GMAT testing room. Testing centers usually have a room where personal belongings can be stored while the test is being written. Since none of the above items can be brought into test rooms, it may be a good idea to leave valuable items at home or locked out of sight in a vehicle.

Test Aids

Individuals may not bring any type of testing aids into the GMAT testing room. This includes notes, blank paper, calculators, pens, radios, and dictionaries. Basically, anything that could help test writers answer questions or store information such as formulas or rules of the English language may not be brought into the test area.

Leaving the Testing Room

There are two scheduled breaks during the GMAT. Individuals may leave the testing room during this time. However, they have to remain in the immediate area. Cell phones may not be used at any time during the test, and that includes scheduled breaks. If test takers must leave the room at a time other than during the scheduled breaks, a test administrator must be notified. In addition, a digital fingerprint must be provided when individuals leave and re-enter the testing room. Individuals should not leave the room while writing a timed section of the test. If they must, however, the section will continue to be timed, which will most likely lower the GMAT score significantly.